My Support Center

We offer resources to help you with just about anything. Need a loaner Chromebook for school, or a calculator? We’ve got you. Are you struggling to make ends meet? We can get you free food and assistance with filing for public benefits. Are you sick, or do you need help coping with the stress? Check out our free health clinics and personal counseling centers.

Student Tutorials

Additional tutorials help in answering frequently asked questions.

Borrow Equipment

Get loaner laptops, wifi hotspots, or calculators.


Buy textbooks, technology, and campus merchandise.

Worried about a Friend or Someone You Know?

File a Cares Report for them to get mental health support on campus.

Find Community at Cañada

Get involved with student leadership, campus clubs, and events.

Support with Food, Housing, and Finances

The SparkPoint Center can help you manage finances.

Disability Resource Center

Connect with the DRC for mental health, neurodivergency, and physical ability.

Promise Scholars Program

Offers financial support and dedicated counseling for first time, full time students.


Provides financial assistance, dedicated counseling, academic supplies & holistic support to eligible students.

Title IX Support

Report any incidents of sexual harassment or sexual misconduct.